I started this series with the goal is to share every month the best price to performance PC that you can build. I’ll try to always stay between $600 and $650 because I think this the amount of money that most people would be glad to spend for a gaming PC.


CPU: Intel Core i3-9100F ($69.99)

Why? Unfortunately this month the CPU prices are awful and I couldn’t go on recommending the ryzen 5 2600 or the i5 9400f so I had to step down to the i3 9100f to leave more money for the GPU so that the performance will still be great.

MOBO: MSI B365M PRO-VH ( $56.99)

Why? To save more money for the GPU I had to chose a mini-ITX motherboard but all MSI motherboards are famous for being reliable and solid. The format should not be a problem in particular if you don’t plan to add PCIE cards in the future.

RAM: XPG Z1 DDR4 3000MHz 16GB (2x8GB) ($63.99)

Why? It’s always better to use the dual channel so choosing two sticks was a must. In 2020 gaming using only 8GB it has become more difficult (I experimented this situation also on my PC).

GPU: XFX RX 5600 XT ($279.99)

Why? To make up for the not very powerful CPU I was able to find a great deal for the GPU. The RX 5600 XT is able to easily beat the GTX 1660 Super by more that 10/15 fps in most of the games and with a bit of overclocking it is going to be a great deal.

SSD: ADATA SU635 480GB ($54.99)

Why? In 2019 I can’t recommend HDDs because are too slow at loading the games. 500GB will be enough for your OS and lots of games. In the future you can buy another SSD if you fill this one.

PSU: EVGA 550 N1 650W ($62.58)

Why? I recommend this PSU because it has “sleeved cables”. The cables are all black and this will allow you to have a cleaner build. 550W are enough and will be useful for future upgrades.

CASE: Thermaltake Versa H15 ($48.40)

Why? We didn’t have to go with a full tower PC because of the mini-ITX motherboard, unfortunately it doesn’t have a transparent side panel but it has a sleek design.

FANS: ARCTIC P12 PWM 120mm [x2] ($19.98)

Why? I could have suggested you to use this money for a bigger case or more storage. This is something you could certainly do but in my opinion if you go with an AMD GPU and overclock it you need a good airflow. The case is tiny but has lots of fan mounts and using a bigger case with only the integrated fan while running an overclocked RX 5600 XT seems a bit foolish to me. I recommend buying 2 of thees fans.

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