This wallpaper can block your Android Smartphone


It appears that a simple landscape image if set as wallpaper can brick you Android Smartphone, but why? And more importantly, does it affect every single Android phone?

It should only affect Samsung and Pixel devices and the reason is that those smartphone manufacturers use an sRGB color space while this wallpaper uses a totally RGB color space. It is possible that the other brands already convert the color space automatically while Samsung and Google do not have this option. In Android 11 this issue has already been fixed and the color space will immediately be changed to the correct one and the smartphone will be just fine.

In any case we do not recommend you trying this wallpaper or any other total RGB one because it can send your smartphone into a boot-loop status making it unusable unless it is formatted.

Ice universe is the user that found out this issue and down here you can check his Twitter post.

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